#97: And I'm home

Hi guise.

I was visiting my dad's hometown about a week ago. The village was in the deep, we had to take a plane to the nearest city for about 1,5 hours continued by land transportation for 8 hours. And the way is crossing the mountains and winding a lot, so mobile data isn't working on the way.

The only thing I'm doing on the way.

And as a "homie" person myself (anyway how do you call a NEET in education?) I only see this trip as a chance to greet my distant relatives, considering I don't meet them as much as I meet my relatives from my mom's side. No guests? Open the laptop. I was basically like that for 3 days straight.

On the way home to the airport my dad was sleepy while driving, we told him to switch with my brother but he insisted. And so this happens:

Get rekt

Luckily, the accident took place in front of the tire dealer, or whatever it is. There was a traffic jam too, and luckily (again) the flight was delayed 2 times, from 06:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. We arrived at 09:30 p.m. Thank you based god.

This is kind of unrelated but I just bought this Sennheiser HD600 nigga for 3000k IDR (originally 5000-6000k IDR). The sad thing is, even though it's a lot more expensive than my current headphone (Audio Technica ATH M50, 1500k IDR), the sound quality isn't improving because I don't have a good DAC to support it. Gonna save for that later.

Goodbye my savings.

See ya latar alligatar
entry title


Hi, this super late (>implying this blog has deadlines) post implies my lack of eagerness to update my blog. Actually I've been planning to update since a month ago or so, but a procrastinator gotta do what he has to do.

Cutting to the chase, I'm now not staying at the dormitory anymore. I (and my friends) rented some house and in here I'll just post my room. Yay.


The desk. Chitanda4lyfe.

The door, the hanger and the mirror.

The "inheritance" I got from my mom that won't be read at all.

I might post my doodles later on but bear with this for the time being. Sorry for bad engrish. Buh-bye.

You weebs should know what the entry title is referring to.

#95: It's that time of the semester again

Hello, yes it is that time of the year again. The calm before the storm of finals rampage. The quiescence that have to be used to its full potential. The time when I should give it my all to catch up the materials I have missed by procrastinating and all. Instead I'm here typing here. What the fuck am I doing?

At times like this I can't bring myself to not worry about my GPA, future and what-not. It's at these times when I feel like I'm taking the wrong major to begin with. I feel like my memory, which is fundamental in this major, is not that good. Heck I even thing it's one of my weakest points. I think my strong point is calculating and attention, I might love being an accountant. My brother is taking that major at the moment and I envy his abundant free time.

I was all set to go when I'm entering here. I didn't think it'd be this stressing. Well I have expectations building up on me so got to answer them in the best way I can. Everytime I think about gloomy things like this I like to remember that not everyone can get the chance that I got (to enter this bloody school) so I'm gonna keep going.

Lastly, how do you push a semester's material to 1 month?

Wow, 2000 views milestone.

#94: Grime weekend

I've been kind of sick for a few days now, been taking paracetamols. I hope it's just some kind of infection. Would suck if it's a typhus. There is a competition event between the batches in my faculty. I want to cheer on my friends but this shitty illness just not going to let me do so.

On the bright side, I've been productive with my drawing and started to learn coloring. Cya




#93: Harmonia